La-Z-Boy Neo Recliner Review: Features, Dimensions, and Customer Feedback

La-Z-Boy Neo Recliners

The La-Z-Boy Neo Recliner, a top-rated power recliner, is packed with features that offer the ultimate combination of relaxation and convenience.

From a wide array of accessories to cradling comfort, there’s a lot to love about this recliner.

But is the Neo Recliner the right fit for your comfort and style needs?

As the inventors of the recliner, La-Z-Boy has almost a century of developing and perfecting recliners to fit every lifestyle. At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we’ve helped thousands find the perfect recliner for their body type and unique needs.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the details of the La-Z-Boy Neo Recliner to determine whether or not it’s the right style and fit for your needs.

La-Z-Boy Neo Recliner Overview: Comfort, Features, and Convenience

The La-Z-Boy Neo Recliner offers sleek styling with an emphasis on deep relaxation and convenience.

As a power recliner, the Neo carries all the benefits of La-Z-Boy power recliners, including headrest and lumbar support.

In addition to seated comfort, the Neo Recliner also provides popular amenities found on La-Z-Boy consoles. This includes a tablet stand, cup holder, wireless phone charger, and two expandable pockets for storage.  

The Neo is available as either a power rocking recliner or as a power wall recliner.

La-Z-Boy Neo Power Recliner Features

Dimensions & Features: La-Z-Boy Neo Recliner 

The La-Z-Boy Neo Recliner is typically a good fit for people 5’10” to 6’2″ due to its taller back and elongated seat.

Body Dimensions:

  • Depth: 39″
  • Height: 42″
  • Width: 35.5″

Seat Dimensions:

  • Depth: 23.5″
  • Height: 21″
  • Width: 22″

Top Features of the La-Z-Boy Neo Recliner:

  • Soft and supportive foam and blown fiber box-border back enhanced with a bold design
  • Streamlined chaise seat and legrest extend to cradle the body in a continuous cozy expanse
  • Broad, streamlined track arms wrapped in smooth padding
  • Arms outfitted with a silver cupholder, accessory grommet, and wireless charging tray for your smartphone
  • Accessory grommet with detachable tablet/device holder or table
  • Side-mounted remote with home and memory operations
  • Handy push-to-open side storage bins on both outside arms
  • Power adjustable headrest and lumbar
  • Flange welt trim to add a pop of casual flair
  • High-grade foam seat cushion that maintains its comfort and appearance
  • Double-picked blown fiber fill for improved cushion loft and shape retention

This chair also has patented features you’ll only find on a La-Z-Boy Recliner including:

  • Lower Back Support
  • Recline & Rock at The Same Time
  • Locking Footrest or Rocker Positions
  • Four-Sided Frame Construction
  • Contour Cut Foam

La-Z-Boy Recliners are constantly researched and developed to create new features that will make them even more comfortable.

You can make sure you’re picking a recliner that fits your unique body type and needs by visiting one of our locations to get fitted.

How Much Does the La-Z-Boy Neo Recliner Cost?

The La-Z-Boy Neo Power Rocking Recliner starts at $2,339 online then your final price is determined by the fabric, options, and upgrades you select.

The Neo Recliner also comes with La-Z-Boy standard limited lifetime warranty

However, you may be able to find a lower starting price depending on the type of sale currently running at your store.

You can receive an exact quote by visiting your nearest location and customizing your recliner.

Keep in mind as you determine your budget for new furniture that financing offers are available. You can learn more about whether or not financing is right for you by reading this article.

Customer Feedback about the La-Z-Boy Neo Recliner

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, the Neo recliner is already a popular favorite among customers due to its comfort and added features.

The Neo has captured the eye of those looking for the ultimate man cave chair. However, due to its sleek design, it’s suitable to fit into the design of any room. With hundreds of fabrics and leathers to choose from, customers have the flexibility to mix and match other styles of furniture with this recliner.

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The Neo combines popular features from other best selling La-Z-Boy recliners. It is closest in size to the Soren. Its over style resembles the Lennon, with seating features similar to the Talladega.

The Neo Recliner is one of La-Z-Boy’s newer collections released in 2024. As of May 2024, the Neo Recliner has an average of 5 out of 5-star reviews. Here are a few recent reviews from verified purchasers:

Nicholas M: Absolutely game-changing. The independent controls and 2 programmable presets make this a truly customizable experience, and the remote-finding call button and locking feature are a sanity saver for those of us with small children around. The only reason I could take points off is that it does like to creak, but that isn’t enough of a detractor to warrant more than minor consideration. The phone/tablet stand and wireless charging pad are nice perks if you use them.

Madeline M: Bought this chair for post-surgery recovery. Has great amenities and I sleep great in it! Also aesthetically pleasing for a larger piece of furniture that I would not normally purchase had it not been a medical necessity. I look forward to it being part of my office after recovery.

Is the Neo Recliner the Right Fit for You?

If you’re looking for style, versatility, and comfort in one recliner, the La-Z-Boy Neo Recliner can provide you with it all.  

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we carry a wide range of recliners in our showrooms. It’s important to find a recliner that meets both your comfort and style needs. 

If you’re still deciding on the best-fitting recliner for your needs, there are plenty of styles to browse from with La-Z-Boy. Check out our thorough reviews on other best-selling La-Z-Boy recliners. 

Our design consultants are experts at finding the perfect furniture for you and working with you to customize exactly what you need. 

We encourage you to stop into one of our locations in SC, NC, or GA to speak with a consultant or try out a new recliner for yourself. 

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