Meet Jenny Colwell! Your Degreed Interior Designer in Evans, GA!

Jenny Colwell earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design from Northern Arizona University.

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Best Selling La-Z-Boy Chairs for Mom

Are you in search of one of the best chairs for mom?

Whether rocking a newborn baby or taking a break from a hectic schedule, moms deserve a space to rest and recharge.

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La-Z-Boy Leah Twin Sleep Chair Review

Best Selling La-Z-Boy Sleeper Sofas

The Leah Twin Sleep Chair is the ultimate combination of comfort and versatility. Comfortable chair by day, twin sleeper by night, you have plenty of reasons to love this chair.

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La-Z-Boy Lifetime Warranty Explained

Do Recliners Come in Different Sizes

When it comes to warranties, sometimes it can feel like a confusing process in order to understand what is and is not covered.

You may be wondering if you fully understand the fine print on your purchase. And whether or not you’ll have future costly matters to deal with.

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La-Z-Boy Furniture for Small Spaces

Selecting furniture for small spaces can be tough. With a small space, you need a big imagination.

Whether you’re moving into an apartment of your own or downsizing for your next stage of life, comfort and functionality will be equally important factors in your furniture purchase.

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