La-Z-Boy Finley Recliner Review

La-Z-Boy Finley Recliner Review

Are you looking for a La-Z-Boy Finley Recliner review that goes over all of the features, dimensions, and upgrades?

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we’ve helped thousands find the perfect recliner for their body type and unique needs.

In this article and video review, we’ll help you narrow down the search so you can find the recliner that’s right for you.

Features: La-Z-Boy Finley Recliner Review

The La-Z-Boy Finley Recliner is able to bring a high degree of comfort with contemporary style to any room.

La-Z-Boy Finley Recliner Review

Finley features modern lines, sleek track arms, and a tall foam back to give it a structured look.

Plus, the ultra-plush chaise seat and legrest will cradle your body in a continuous zone of comfort.

This chair also has seven patented features you’ll only find on a La-Z-Boy Recliner:

  • Lower Back Support
  • Recline & Rock at The Same Time
  • Three Locking Footrest Positions
  • Sixteen Locking Rocker Positions
  • Four-Sided Frame Construction
  • Dual Locking Footrest
  • Contour Cut Foam

La-Z-Boy Recliners are constantly researched and developed to create new features that will make them even more comfortable.

Dimensions: La-Z-Boy Finley Recliner Review

The Finley Recliner is a good fit for most body types. Especially those who prefer a tall backrest.

  • Body Depth: 39″
  • Body Height: 43″
  • Body Width: 34″
  • Seat Depth: 20.5″
  • Seat Height: 19.5″
  • Seat Width: 21.5″

You can make sure you’re picking a recliner that fits your unique body type by visiting one of our locations and getting fitted.

Upgrades: La-Z-Boy Finley Recliner Review

La-Z-Boy Recliners come in more than 900 different leathers and fabrics.

Plus, they offer the widest variety of custom upgrades in the recliner market.

Some of the options you can choose from:

  • La-Z-Boy Wireless Remote
  • Brushed Metal Handle
  • Extra Tall Base
  • Swivel Base
  • Elongated Handle
  • Extended Legrest
  • Heat & Massage
  • Left Side Handle
  • Hidden Battery Pack

The Finley is also available able with a matching sofa and loveseat to complete the room.

How Much Does The La-Z-Boy Finley Recliner Cost?

The La-Z-Boy Finley Recliner starts at $1,009 then your final price is determined by the fabric, options, and upgrades you select.

However, you may be able to find a lower starting price depending on the type of sale currently running at your store.

You can receive an exact quote by visiting your nearest location and customizing your chair.

La-Z-Boy Finley Recliner Reviews (Verified Purchases)

“We have had multiple La-Z-Boy products over our lifetime. This is by far the best chair we have ever purchased from them. Fits both my husband and I. Very comfortable.” – Jill M.

“I freaking love this chair. I walked in the store looking at one item, and ended up choosing this. I hate getting up outta my chair. It’s so comfortable and relaxing.” – Lopria K.

“Beautifully constructed with quality materials! I love the multiple combinations of foot rest height, tilt setting, and reclining positions!” – Kim N.

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