How Much Does Solid Wood Furniture Cost?

How Much Does Solid Wood Furniture Cost

One of the most common questions we receive is, “How much does solid wood furniture cost?”

Solid wood furniture has many benefits including durability, easy maintenance, and high lifetime value.

In this article, we’ll look at all the factors used to determine how much solid wood furniture costs.

Solid Wood Furniture Cost: Type of Wood

One of the main factors in determining the cost of solid wood furniture is the type of hardwood or softwood it’s built with.

Lamont Round Coffee Table Solid Wood Furniture Cost

Hardwoods are naturally stronger than softwoods because they are much denser.

This means hardwood will cost more because it takes longer to grow and it’s characteristics are in high demand.

Common Hardwoods:

  • Alder
  • Aspen
  • Balsa
  • Beech
  • Hickory
  • Magnolia
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Poplar
  • Teak
  • Walnut

Common Softwoods:

  • Cedar
  • Douglas Fir
  • Juniper
  • Pine
  • Redwood
  • Spruce
  • Yew

The specific type of wood you select will also be reflected in the price of your furniture because some types are more common than others.

Although the initial cost of hardwood furniture may be higher than softwood, the lifetime value will be much greater.

Solid wood furniture is known for being passed down for many generations.

Solid Wood Furniture Cost: Size of Furniture

Larger pieces of furniture will have a higher material cost than smaller pieces.

Wildfire Trestle Table Solid Wood Furniture Cost

For example, a dining room table will cost more than it’s matching dining room chair.

This is simply because it takes more wood to produce these larger products.

It’s a good idea to keep this in mind when planning your room and keeping to your budget.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we offer free design consultations to help you plan your layout. Plus, we’ll help you stay under budget.

Solid Wood Furniture Cost: Craftsmanship

The time and craftsmanship put into each piece of furniture is another factor in its ticket price.

Kincaid Furniture is built in North Carolina and they use solid wood to provide quality and beauty that will last for generations.

They also use a variety of construction methods to improve the form and function of each piece.

  • Soft-Close Drawer Glides
  • Front Posts
  • Floating Panels
  • Finger Joints
  • Solid Wood Edges
  • Mortise & Tenon Joints
  • Floating Tops
  • Dovetailing
  • Adjustable Glides

These construction techniques are marks of quality craftsmanship. They also take a lot of time and skill to do right.

This means the labor costs associated with this type of construction will be higher.

How Much Does Solid Wood Furniture Cost?

The average price of solid wood furniture can range anywhere from $299 – $5,000 depending on the size, craftsmanship, and materials.

Furniture made out of solid wood will last much longer than furniture built with veneers, plastic, or particleboard.

Although you may pay more upfront, the lifetime value of solid wood furniture will be much higher than cheaper options.

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So how much does solid wood furniture cost? The answer is it depends.

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