La-Z-Boy Trouper Sofa Review

La-Z-Boy Trouper Sofa Review

Are you looking for a La-Z-Boy Trouper Sofa review that highlights the features, dimensions, and upgrades available with this sofa?

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Features & Dimensions: La-Z-Boy Trouper Sofa

The La-Z-Boy Trouper Sofa is able to turn casual evenings at home into cozy family nights.

La-Z-Boy Trouper Sofa

This reclining sofa is available in manual or power to fully recline both the right and left arm seats.

Trouper features three sculpted bucket seats and split-back cushions to support your head, neck, and lumbar.

This sofa also has a patented feature that let’s you lean back without having to raise your legrest.

La-Z-Boy Trouper Sofa Dimensions:

  • Body Depth: 42″
  • Body Height: 41.5″
  • Body Width: 85″
  • Seat Depth: 20.5″
  • Seat Height: 20.5″
  • Seat Width: 67.5″

This sofa is available in more than 900 different fabrics with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials to choose from.

Trouper is also available in an extremely soft, durable, and sustainable fabric made out of recycled water bottles.

When you upholster your sofa with eco-friendly fabrics at La-Z-Boy, you’re keeping 110 water bottles out of our landfills and oceans.

Product Upgrades: La-Z-Boy Trouper Sofa

La-Z-Boy Sofas are known for their world famous comfort and stylish design.

With the Trouper Sofa you can add a center console with cup holders or upgrade your cushions to AirForm for more support.

This sofa is available with a matching recliner and loveseat to help you complete the room.

La-Z-Boy Trouper Sofa Reviews (Verified Purchases)

“The best sofa, loveseat I’ve ever owned! Very comfortable. We had the two sofas and loveseat power with power headrest and stain resistance.” – Paul & Liz P.

“Beautiful and Comfortable! Fits perfectly in the living room for us to watch TV and recline. Really love having the manual option without having to worry about any power issues.” – Jean G.

“I love this solid, well built, comfortable sofa. I had to replace a 4 year old sofa from another company that was falling apart. The sofa had no abuse or children jumping in it. I could tell the difference between the La-Z-Boy Sofa and the other sofa the moment I sat on it. Casual, relaxing recliner. I highly recommend. Looks great (rugged and casual) too. Enjoy!!!” – Jill C.

How Much Does The La-Z-Boy Trouper Sofa Cost?

The La-Z-Boy Trouper Sofa starts at $1,869 then your final price will depend on the fabric and upgrades you select.

However, you may be able to find a lower starting price depending on the sale currently running at your store.

You can receive an exact quote by visiting your nearest location and customizing your sofa.

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