Is Wood Veneer Furniture Good Quality?

american drew wood veneer furniture

If you’re shopping for wood furniture, you may have seen it broken down into two different types; solid wood and wood veneer. You may be questioning what exactly is wood veneer furniture and is it considered good quality?

Chances are, you’ve heard of the many benefits of solid wood furniture.

But are you wondering what makes wood veneer different than solid wood? Is wood veneer cheaper? Is it going to last as long?

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we help customers create spaces that accommodate their styles and needs with our quality furniture. From upholstered recliners and living room furniture to bedroom and dining room sets, La-Z-Boy is passionate about bringing comfort and quality to every room of the house. Our galleries are filled with wood furniture made of both solid wood and wood veneer.

In this article, we’ll break down how wood veneer furniture is made. By knowing how it’s made and the differences between solid wood furniture, you’ll have a better understanding of the quality of wood veneer furniture. You’ll be able to determine if wood veneer can offer what you’re looking for in your next piece of wood furniture.  

What is Wood Veneer Furniture?

Wood veneer generally consists of at least three layers: two thin layers of natural wood glued together around a strong core such as MDF or particleboard.

High-quality wood veneer consists of 5 layers: two outer layers of wood, two inner layers of cross band, then a structure board at the core.  This creates a sturdy, flat surface to apply outer layers and prevents warping, bubbling, and peeling.

The outer layers of all wood veneer furniture are made from real wood pieces, so you have a wood finish.

Premium hand-selected wood veneers are made of 5 layers

Wood Veneer Furniture vs. Solid Wood Furniture Comparison

Wood Veneer & Solid Wood Differences

The main difference between wood veneer furniture and solid wood furniture is at the core. Solid wood furniture is just that, solid wood all the way throughout. Wood veneer is made of layers.

With wood veneer, furniture designers are able to create detailed and intricate patterns that are impossible to achieve using only solid wood. When you see wood furniture with a unique finishing, you’re looking at wood veneer. Solid wood furniture will maintain a more natural or rustic look. Both options can be aesthetically pleasing, it’s just a matter of style preferences.

Furniture made with wood veneer is better resistant to warping, which can happen more easily with solid wood. This means your furniture is more likely to retain its look without the distortion that can come with warping. Of course, protecting any wood furniture from spills and moisture will keep your furniture lasting longer.

Wood Veneer & Solid Wood Similarities

The majority of the time, wood veneer furniture weighs less than solid wood. However, depending on the types of layers used, wood veneer can weigh similarly to solid wood pieces.

When it comes to how durable and long-lasting wood veneer furniture can be, wood veneer furniture can last as long as solid wood. In fact, because veneer furniture is not prone to the same aging effects as solid wood, such as splitting or warping, wood veneer furniture will often outlast solid wood furniture.

Who Makes Wood Veneer Furniture?

Most major furniture brands produce wood veneer furniture.

In fact, 95% of the furniture industry produces wood veneer furniture. One major reason is that with wood veneer, manufacturers can control the look of the furniture. This allows for matching pieces and collections to furnish a home. With solid wood, you’re going to have a much more natural unique look with each piece of furniture.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we carry both solid wood and wood veneer furniture through the brands Kincaid, American Drew and Hammary.

Each furniture piece features premium hand-selected wood veneers. Wood slices are used on the tops, side panels, and drawer fronts and applied over Structure Board. This manufacturing process prevents warping, bubbling, and peeling of veneers.

American Drew’s hand-selected veneers are manufactured with 5 PLY construction. The top-facing veneer running in one direction is placed over another veneer going the other grain direction over the Structure Board. The same 2 veneers are applied the same way on the other side of the board.

How Much Does Wood Veneer Furniture Cost?

The average price of wood veneer furniture can range considerably depending on the brand, size, style, and type of furniture you’re looking at.

On average, it’s common to see wood veneer furniture ranging anywhere from $300 – $5,000.

Sometimes, the misconception of wood veneer being cheaper comes from furnishings that aren’t made from wood at all, they’re made from a laminate material. Laminate material has come a long way and can portray the look and feel of a wood veneer finish without the price tag. However, with laminate, comes the lack of durability.

Keep in mind that there are many different grains of wood that can impact the cost of your furniture. Many people assume that veneer furniture is always inferior and less expensive than solid wood. Oftentimes, wood veneer can be a more cost-efficient option than solid wood furniture. However, wood veneer is often used for high-end pieces and can at times be more costly than solid wood.

Decide If Wood Veneer Furniture is the Right Quality for Your Furniture Needs

If you’ve shopped for wood furniture before, chances are you have come across wood veneer furniture or you already own a piece made of wood veneer. The majority of wood furniture sold today is made with wood veneer. That is because wood veneer furniture is still wood furniture. With wood veneer, you have a greater variety of finishing options to choose from.

So, is wood veneer furniture good quality? The simple answer is yes. Wood is a sturdy and durable material to build with.

Because you cannot see the core of wood-veneer, it’s important to understand who makes the furniture and how it’s manufactured so that you can trust you’re receiving the most durable built product.

When shopping for furniture, ask a sales consultant to tell you about the brand that makes the furniture and what materials are used.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, you’ll find a wide selection of solid wood and wood veneer furniture in our showroom’s vignettes. You can learn more about La-Z-Boy brands here or about our solid wood furniture in this article. All La-Z-Boy brands are made in the USA.

We’d be happy to show you our brands and how our furniture is made at any of our locations in NC, SC, and GA.

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