Solutions for a Hard-to-Pull Recliner Handle

Are you in search of solutions to help with your hard-to-pull recliner handle?

There’s nothing quite like sinking into a cozy recliner after a long day. But what happens when that trusty recliner handle becomes difficult to pull?

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Restore by Nanobionic Fabric Review: A New Specialty Fabric Option from La-Z-Boy

If you’re in search of specialty fabrics options for your furniture, you may have come across Nanobionic Fabric.

Restore by Nanobionic® Fabric is one of the new specialty fabrics offered by La-Z-Boy that is not only comfortable but has added benefits for your health and wellness.

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La-Z-Boy Kirby Sofa Review

The La-Z-Boy Kirby sofa is a versatile sofa that can transform your living space into an area that’s both plush and posh. This comfortable and sophisticated transitional style is sure to draw attention, but you may be wondering if it’s the right fit for your comfort and style desires. 

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Benefits of Power Lift Recliners

James Power Lift Recliner

Power lift recliners offer a wide range of advantages for individuals of all ages and mobility levels.

These technologically advanced chairs combine the features of a traditional recliner with a powered lifting mechanism. This mechanism helps you effortlessly transition from a seated to a standing position.

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Meet Caitlin Hensley! Your Degreed Interior Designer in Asheville, NC!

Caitlin Hensley earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Western Carolina University.

Her favorite part of our free design service is creating a functional space that still feels like home and getting to know her clients.

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