7 Fun Quarantine Games Your Family Will Love

Fun Quarantine Games Your Family Will Love

Are you having trouble finding fun quarantine games that will keep your family occupied?

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we’re social distancing by offering free design consultations via email or phone.

The coronavirus will give you a lot of time to think about your home décor, and our expert design consultants are available to answer all of your furniture and interior design questions.

However, we realize shopping for furniture may not keep your entire family entertained.

In this article, we’ll highlight seven fun quarantine games your family will love playing together.

1) Sock Hockey

Sock hockey is a fun and safe game that doesn’t require helmets or sticks.

Simply tip a plastic laundry basket (or any large box) sideways to create the goal.

Pick someone to be goalie and take turns trying to toss rolled-up socks into the goal.

You can make the game interesting by switching out goalies and seeing who can save the most shots in two minutes.

2) Balloon Tennis

If you have a few spare balloons at your house, this is an exciting game safe for all ages.

Balloon tennis requires a divider like a rope, string, or long rectangular box to serve as the net.

Teams of one, two, or more will set up on each side of the net and hit the balloon back and forth.

Try to see how many times your teams can volley the balloon without letting it hit the ground.

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3) Indoor Bowling

Indoor bowling can be a little rambunctious, but it’s A LOT of fun to play.

Gather empty water bottles, plastic cups, etc to set up as bowling pins and find a level space.

Set the “pins” up at the end of the lane and use a small ball (preferably foam) to serve as your indoor bowling ball.

If you have a large group, you can play in teams and even set up your own bowling league to see which team wins.

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4) Card Games

Card games are classic family favorites that are even better when your crew grows tired of watching TV.

Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

All of these games are fun for all ages. Plus, they develop skills like matching, pairing, and number recognition.

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5) Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts have been a hit at social events and gatherings for many years.

Handwrite or print out a list of items from certain rooms or areas for your players to find.

If your items are in difficult hiding spots, make sure you leave clues so they know where to look.

6) Board Games

Board games can keep the attention of your family for a long amount of time and don’t require batteries.

Here are five games we love:

Blokus is a strategy game for the whole family, and it’s one of our favorites.

Blokus Fun Quarantine Games

Plus, it takes less than a minute to learn!

7) Sardines

Sardines is a fun twist on the hide-and-seek game everyone knows and loves.

This game starts with only one person hiding while everyone else does the seeking.

Seekers must split up then the first one to find the hider has to join them in their hiding spot.

The last seeker to find the hiding spot becomes the hider in the next round.

Finding a hiding spot that will fit your whole crowd can be an exciting challenge!

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We hope this list of fun quarantine games brings joy to your family during this uncertain time.

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