Bonded Leather vs Genuine Leather: 5 Things You Need To Know

Bonded Leather vs Genuine Leather

Are you interested in learning the differences between bonded leather vs genuine leather?

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we’ve noticed there are some major distinctions between these types of leathers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 key differences between bonded leather vs genuine leather.

1) There Are Two Types of Genuine Leather

When genuine leather is processed at the factory, the cowhide is cut into two equal sections.

  • Top Half = Top Grain Leather
  • Bottom Half = Split Hide Leather

Top grain leather is buttery soft, highly durable, and breathable enough to keep your body from getting too hot or cold.

Split hide leather is slightly thicker and rougher to the touch. But it looks great and is often used on the sides and backs of furniture.

Both of these types of leather are considered 100% genuine because they are made from the whole skin of the animal.

2) Bonded Leather Isn’t “Real” Leather

Bonded leather is made with bits of genuine leather that fall off during processing.

These leftover pieces are blended together to create material that looks like real leather.

Manufacturers will also add layers of coating and polish to make bonded leather appear genuine.

Other Terms for Bonded Leather:

  • Faux
  • Vinyl
  • Reconstituted

Bonded leather contains a very small percentage of genuine leather. However, some furniture companies will tell consumers it’s real leather.

3) Genuine Leather Is More Durable Than Bonded

When you compare bonded leather vs genuine leather, the difference is night and day.

Genuine top grain leather lasts 4 times longer than most fabrics and resists scratches.

Bonded leather tends to deteriorate and pieces of “leather” will brush away over time.

If you’re looking to make a lasting investment, then genuine leather furniture is the way to go.

However, bonded leather still has a valuable position in the marketplace.

4) Bonded Leather Is Cheaper Than Genuine

Bonded leather allows you to enjoy the look of genuine leather at a fraction of the price.

The material costs for genuine leather are much higher than bonded because it contains a larger percentage of real leather.

  • Genuine Leather = 100% Leather
  • Bonded Leather = 5-10% Leather

Purchasing bonded leather furniture will save you a few hundred dollars in the short run.

In the long run, saving your money and buying genuine leather furniture will turn out to be a longer lasting investment.

5) La-Z-Boy Carries a Variety of Leather Furniture

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we carry a variety of leathers in order to fit the needs of your life, style, and budget.

La-Z-Boy Leather Furniture Options:

  • Top Grain Leather (Genuine)
  • Split Hide Leather (Genuine)
  • Bonded Leather

All of our leather sofas, sectionals, and recliners come in a wide range of colors and price points.

We also offer a free interior design service that will help you bring your unique vision to life.

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There are some major differences between bonded leather vs genuine leather.

Genuine leather is more durable, feels better to sit on, and comes with a higher price point.

Bonded leather saves you a little money and still gives you the look you’re going for.

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We’d be happy to show you the differences between bonded leather vs genuine leather in person at any of our locations in NC, SC, and GA.

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