Are La-Z-Boy and Lazyboy the Same Brand?

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If you’ve ever found yourself searching for comfortable, high-quality furniture, you might have come across two terms: La-Z-Boy and Lazyboy.

This can be confusing, as they seem similar.

Let’s clarify: La-Z-Boy and Lazyboy refer to the same brand, but “Lazyboy” is a common misspelling of the correct name, La-Z-Boy.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, customers are often curious about the La-Z-Boy brand. We get asked about the origin of the name and often address misconceptions when it comes to the proper spelling.

La-Z-Boy has been a household name for almost a century. In this article, we’ll clarify where the name came from, details about the famous brand, and where you can find this famous La-Z-Boy furniture.

La-Z-Boy: The History of the Name

La-Z-Boy is a renowned American furniture manufacturer best known for its recliners.

In 1927, cousins Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoemaker set out to design a chair for what they called “nature’s way of relaxing” with a few orange crates to mock-up their idea.

They invented a wood-slat porch chair with a reclining mechanism. The chair was designed to follow the contour of a person’s body, both while sitting up and leaning back.

This design was a massive success and the cousins began to upholster the chairs to add to their comfort.

They held a contest to name the chair design. Names such as “sit-n-snooze”, “slack-back”, and “Comfort carrier” were all considered.

Ultimately, the winner was “La-Z-Boy”, and a new brand was formed.

Over the decades, La-Z-Boy has grown into an international furniture manufacturer expanding its product line to include a wide range of furniture items such as sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and home accessories, all maintaining their reputation for comfort and quality.

Inventors of the La-Z-Boy Recliner
Inventors of the La-Z-Boy Recliner, Edwin J. Shoemakers and Edward M. Knabusch

Common Misspelling: Lazyboy

Despite its official branding, many people search for the company using the misspelling “Lazyboy.” This is understandable, given that the correct spelling, La-Z-Boy, incorporates hyphens and capital letters in a way that isn’t typical for most brand names.

However, it’s important to recognize that whether you type “La-Z-Boy” or “Lazyboy,” you’re looking for the same trusted brand.

Why the Confusion?

  1. Pronunciation: Phonetically, “La-Z-Boy” sounds like “lazy boy,” leading people to spell it out as they hear it.
  2. Hyphenation and Capitalization: The unique formatting of the brand name (La-Z-Boy) is unusual, causing many to default to a simpler, more intuitive spelling.

How To Tell If You’re Buying La-Z-Boy Furniture

You can walk into almost any furniture store and ask “can you show me your lazyboys?”. Most of the time, they will point you in the direction of their recliners.

You can even search on other brand name websites for “lazyboy furniture” and they’ll show you similar results.

As the inventors of the recliner, La-Z-Boy has become synonymous with recliners, similar to how the brand Kleenex is with tissues.

However, not every recliner is a La-Z-Boy. La-Z-Boy is a trademark of La-Z-Boy Incorporated.

When purchasing La-Z-Boy furniture, there are several key indicators to ensure authenticity and quality.

First, look for the ACK Tag, which is a unique identifier for genuine La-Z-Boy products.

Additionally, the La-Z-Boy logo is a clear mark of authenticity. On La-Z-Boy recliners, the logo is displayed on the recliner handle, while on power mechanisms, it appears on the plate surrounding the power buttons. The logo is also imprinted beneath the cushions on sofas.

La-Z-Boy furniture is renowned for its exclusive patented features, which contribute to its unmatched comfort and durability. These features, only found on La-Z-Boy furniture, include:

  • Lower Back Support
  • The ability to recline your back and rock simultaneously
  • Three locking footrest positions
  • Sixteen locking rocker positions
  • 4-sided frame construction
  • Dual locking footrest
  • Contour cut foam

These patented innovations set La-Z-Boy apart from other brands, ensuring that no other recliners can match the comfort and durability of La-Z-Boy furniture.

It’s also important to know where you can buy genuine La-Z-Boy furniture. To learn more about where you can purchase La-Z-Boy furniture, read this article.

Long Live the Lazy

In 2023, La-Z-Boy launched a marketing campaign titled “Long Live the Lazy” to market the brand by “standing up for your right to sit down”. This new slogan also serves as a play on the word “lazy” which has become so closely linked with the La-Z-Boy brand.

By understanding how to identify La-Z-Boy furniture and where to find it, you can confidently navigate your search for high-quality, comfortable furniture.

For more information and to explore the wide range of products, you can start your furniture shopping by visiting the official La-Z-Boy website or its trusted furniture retailers.

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