Where to Find the ACK Number on Your La-Z-Boy Furniture

Every piece of La-Z-Boy Furniture has something called an ACK number.

Finding the ACK number on your La-Z-Boy furniture is important for identifying your piece and ensuring smooth servicing if needed.

In this article, we’ll explain the importance of the ACK number on your La-Z-Boy furniture and how to easily locate it.

What is the ACK Number and Why is it Important?

The ACK number, short for the “Acknowledgment Number” is like a fingerprint for your La-Z-Boy furniture.

It’s located on a tag that contains vital information such as the manufacturing date, model number, and other details specific to your piece.

La-Z-Boy takes pride in its craftsmanship and quality assurance. The presence of an ACK/product ID tag on every piece underscores their commitment to customer satisfaction.

By ensuring each item is labeled with this unique identifier, La-Z-Boy simplifies the process of providing support and service to its customers.

Having this information readily available will smoothly identify the exact piece of your furniture and expedite any servicing or warranty claims.

Where to Find the ACK Number on your La-Z-Boy Furniture

Below you will find a quick video followed by written instructions of how to find your ACK Number.

Start by inspecting the underside of your La-Z-Boy furniture.

Most often, the ACK tag is located there, discreetly attached to the frame.

Carefully lean your piece of furniture forward or backward to check underneath the product.

For recliners, first, extend the footrest, then tilt it backward. The ACK tag is often on the underside of the footrest or under the front upholstered rail.

For stationary furniture like sofas, loveseats, sleepers, and chairs, tilt the furniture forward. The tag will be along the bottom side rail.

For motion and reclining furniture, the tag will be under the footrest or along the bottom side rail.

Pro-Tip: Snap a photo of the tag upon delivery and keep it stored on your phone. That way, you can readily access it without having to lift or move your furniture.

Anyone from your furniture delivery team will be happy to assist in showing you where the tag is located while your furniture is being delivered and set in place.

Once you locate the tag, you’ll see it includes lots of identifying information.

About midway through the tag, you’ll see a line titled: ACK/LINE/ITEM. This is where your ACK Number will be displayed.

You should never remove this tag. The tag is always discretely hidden so that it can remain out of sight without causing a distraction to the aesthetics of your furniture.

La-Z-Boy ACK Tag
The ACK Tag can be seen on the bottom right-hand side of this La-Z-Boy stationary chair.

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