How to Properly Place an Area Rug

How to Properly Place an Area Rug

Knowing how to properly place an area rug is a powerful tool in the interior design world.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we’ve noticed rugs can be easily overlooked and awkwardly placed.

In this article and video, we’ll go over three of the best ways to place an area rug in your space.

All Legs Off

With the “all legs off” method, your area rug is placed in front of your furniture pieces.

Place an Area Rug All Legs Off

The rug sits under your coffee table while none of your furniture legs touch the fabric.

However, we don’t recommend this method because it can make your room look smaller.

Front Legs On, Back Legs Off

The “front legs on, back legs off” method is a popular arrangement for most living rooms.

Place an Area Rug Front Legs On Back Legs Off

This arrangement is good for connecting all of your furniture and room décor together.

In this method, place your coffee table in the middle of the rug then sit the front legs of your furniture pieces along the edges.

All Furniture On

The “all furniture on” method is the final rug placement suggestion we will go over.

Place an Area Rug All Furniture On

Centering up your furniture and putting all of the legs on your rug creates a pulled-together look.

However, we generally don’t suggest this method unless you have a high pile rug to keep your furniture level.

How to Choose an Area Rug

Now that you understand common placement methods, it’s time to pick out the perfect rug for your space.

Start by measuring your room and sketching it out with the proper dimensions.

Remember to consider:

  • Furniture Size
  • Doorways
  • Sun Exposure

All of these elements will influence the size, shape, and placement of your rug.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, our degreed interior designers would be happy to help you pick out the perfect rug.

You can take advantage of our free design service by visiting your nearest location or booking an appointment online.

Check Out These Additional Resources

Nothing can pull a room together better than a well-placed rug with a versatile design.

Being able to properly place an area rug enhances the mood and character for your living space.

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We’d be happy to answer more of your rug placement questions at any of our locations in NC, SC, and GA.

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