How to Install a Rechargeable Battery Pack for La-Z-Boy Furniture

rechargeable battery pack

A rechargeable battery pack is a convenient upgrade available for La-Z-Boy Power Furniture.

Power furniture brings a plethora of benefits to your living room. However, some road blocks come with keeping your power furniture functional and safe in your space.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings and Décor, we enjoy helping customers customize their furniture to fit their everyday needs.

If you’re worried about the availability of outlets, tripping hazards, or simply do not enjoy the look of a power cord, a rechargeable battery pack is the solution for you.

In this article and video, we’ve provided step by step instructions for installing your La-Z-Boy rechargeable battery pack.

What is a Rechargeable Battery Pack?

A rechargeable battery pack is a lithium battery pack that will allow your power furniture to operate independently from a power outlet.

It’s simple to install and can be set up by your delivery team at the time of purchase.

Rechargeable battery packs are also available to purchase any time after your furniture has been purchased or delivered.

You can purchase them through the store where you bought your furniture or by contacting your local service department.

How Much is a La-Z-Boy Rechargeable Battery Pack?

With La-Z-Boy furniture, the rechargeable battery pack is an upgraded feature.

All La-Z-Boy power furniture can be easily upgraded to include these battery packs for a small price.

The average cost of a rechargeable battery pack for a single chair is around $170.

However, you should contact the store you purchased your furniture from for final pricing.

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Step By Step Instructions for Installing Your La-Z-Boy Rechargeable Battery Pack:

With your power furniture, you have a standard power cord. The battery pack will come as its own separate piece from the standard power cord.

To charge the battery pack, you’ll first need to disconnect the ports from your power cord.

Step 1

Plug the recliner power cord into the wall. The power cord should have a receiving socket or “female port” on the end.

Step 2

Connect the receiving end to the plug or “male port” on the battery pack.

Step 3

Connect the plug on the battery pack to the receiving piece on the cord coming from your recliner.

Step 4

Position the battery pack near the back of the recliner unit for charging. Avoid placing it under the moving seat or in areas where it could be tripped over.

The battery pack will flash an amber color while charging. It will turn green once it has fully charged.

Once the battery pack is fully charged, you can disconnect it from the wall cord and keep it plugged into the recliner. You can tuck it under the back of the recliner to keep it out of sight.

The battery pack provides around five days of cordless operation when fully charged and cycled ten times per day.

Need a little more assistance?

Watch this video for a visual step-by-step guide.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings and Décor, it’s important to us that your furniture keeps you comfortable and satisfied for as long as possible.

We’ve created videos and content that will help guide any questions you have. Our customer service team is always available to assist you and answer your questions.


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