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All fields are optional. Please use this form to fill in any information that may be missing on your service ticket. Fields that have already been prefilled are locked. If you need to update any information please indicate which fields need to be updated in the "Additional Information" textbox. You can also use this form to send in photos that will help us resolve your service issue. You can send in this form multiple times if you have multiple pieces of furniture.
The Sales Ticket or Order number will be located on your receipt in the upper left or right hand corner. Example: 157-12345 or 1207180001. If you do not have your sales receipt you can use the Dealer Number. It can be found in the Dealer box on your Product ID tag. Example: 50850001 Help Me Find The Tag
Delivery/Pickup Date
Please enter the date you received your furniture. If you are unsure you can find the "Expect to Ship" date on your Product ID tag. Example: 072202 (for July 22 2002) Help Me Find The Tag
The ALI or ACK number is a serial number that identifies your unit specifically. It is a number that we will need in order to order any parts for your unit. It can be found in the ACK Number box on your Product ID tag.Example: 205282197-001-016 Help Me Find The Tag
This is a number that is used to identify the frame and the cover of the unit. These can be found in the A & B boxes on your Product ID tag. Example: 010570 A437207 Help Me Find The Tag
Please provide any additional information that may be relevant in resolving your service issue.
Click or drag files to this area to upload.You can upload up to 20 files.
Attach any pictures of your furniture that would help us understand the issue. When taking pictures please try and take one close up so we can see the detail and one further away so we can see where the issue is on the unit.A readable picture of the Product ID tag on your furniture goes a long way!
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